Hotel in room


From a warm bed to sipping coffee by the window, stepping into those fluffy room slippers to pressing your clothes or blow drying your hair before that rendezvous; a guestroom is where a Lifestyle is served.

card image Mattress,Beds

card image Linen

card image Kettles and Coffee machine

card image Hair Dryers

card image Iron and Iron Board

card image Toaster

card image Coat Stand

card image Safes

card image Luggage Racks

card image Wet & Dry Amenities

card image Mini Bar

card image House keeping Trolleys

card image Docking Stations

card image Leatherette

As per Expedia Group survey published by Finance Online, “Traveller’s Need” featured second after Location for selecting a hotel

  • Mattress, bed: Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, getting good sleep is key to having enough energy to power through your days away from home.
  • Linen: The thread count of bed linen is the key thing to look out for to really determine the quality; the higher the thread count, the more luxurious the bed linen.
  • Kettles and Coffee M/C: In Room tea and coffee are an important part of any guest’s stay experience.
  • Hair Dryers: One of the popular queries on Tripadvisor: Does the hotel have hair dryers? Are this hotel’s hair dryers weak?
  • Iron and Iron Board: Carefully crafted iron and iron boards ensure that comfort of the guests while getting their clothes pressed.
  • Toaster: Brown your bread and crisp your crumpets with the best Toasters in market