Hotel pool side

HOTEL Pool Side

  • Poolside Accessories: Fun and entertainment activities in the family travel itinerary include theme parks and attractions (74%), water activities (67%), outdoor activities (55%), and historical landmarks. Others include water activities dining experiences (40%), Museum visits (38%), educational experiences (28%), and guided tours (26%).
    (Expedia Group, 2019)
  • Sunbeds: On average, 10 minutes of sunbed use has the same effect on the skin as 10 minutes of Mediterranean summer sun. Sunlight promotes the body’s production of
    Vitamin D, and can also be good for conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, rickets or jaundice
  • Vacway: Most phones are splash proof or water resistant, which is why a good waterproofing technology is needed so that your leisure time at the poolside or water
    adventure doesn’t turn a sour one because your phone got wet

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