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  1. Put the customer at Ease! – The QR eMenu Trend

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    COVID-19 pandemic had placed brakes on what is accepted as normalcy of modern world. However, with lockdown and restrictions easing across the world, hospitality is pulling up its socks to work towards creating a favorable environment for business to start and flourish. The new mantra is “Put the Customer at Ease”. QR eMenu: A Child of the Post Pandemic Era How comfortable will guests be with picking up the Menu on the table now? The most popular solution that has surfaced is QR eMenu. This process includes a simple scanning of QR code which will take you to the e-menu page of the restaurant or bar. While many restaurants have adapted to the need of the hour, there is lack of structure and standardization in the arena of eMenu. Some experienced Hospitality IT service providers like Prologic First have taken the lead to bring a structure and definition to the QR eMenu format. Starting with having a cloud-hosted service that allows diners to view a restaurant’s menu on their own smartphone or tab device. This application will work independent, irrespective of the Point of Sale system being used in the outlet/hotel. This innovative application from Prologic First is a fully web-based application and offer you the following management features:

    Key Features of QR eMenu that appeal to hoteliers:

    ▪ Menu categories along with Menu Items with pictures are displayed.

    ▪ Segregation by Food / Beverage / Others.

    ▪ Free flow text search option to search for specific named Items.

    ▪ You may set filter and get a list of Food Items on Food Types (Veg / Vegan / Sea Food / Sea Fish / Sweet Water Fish / Meat / Beef etc.), Spice Level and even Preparation Time.

    ▪ Menu Items may have a zoom view with more details, recipe, preparation, indicators of allergens, modifiers etc. ▪ Prices are shown for each meu item based on packaging (Large / Medium, Regular / Extra Large etc.)

    ▪ Guest can view the promotions and offers of the day on real time

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  2. Hotel Industry in Face of a Pandemic

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    There is upheaval and a resultant evolution that one can expect for many industries worldwide while the onslaught of the pandemic COVID-19 wanes. The same can be expected much of the hospitality industry. Business in many countries has been brought to its knees with the social distancing norms in place and people staying away from eating out, bar hopping or feasting together.
    However, in face of all this, what can be expected out of hospitality industry? A lot of articles and studies popping on social media, LinkedIn and other news point towards a brand cannibalism – Hotel brands would extend out to more and more categories of customers through their sub brand expansion, of course with the risk of losing some of the customers within the sub brands. However, there are others who see a lot of mergers and acquisitions (or as some say, there are no mergers, only acquisitions).
    But that said, what happens to be a point much discussed in all circles is the brand affinity would increase amongst people. With an increased hygiene consciousness amongst many, guests would tend to drift towards brands they trust, or which have more credibility in market, expecting then to uphold their hygiene standards to creating a safe experience. Some also see social distancing spilling into the next year too by when we expect this pandemic to have put to rest. While people will gradually start their travel across the globe owing to work or pleasure, as per some observations by hoteliers, travellers might like to keep the social distancing norms alive – if only for a couple of more months. Hence, maybe a hotel further from the city crowd might be opted over one in the heart of the city. Maybe the homestay concept might start getting less favoured and maybe not.
    Over all, most of these are speculation, albeit, are based on studies by names who weigh in the hotel industry but we can’t deny the fact that a trend analysis cannot be done for the current situation as it is almost unparallel and the SARS outbreak is much trivial before the COVID-19 situation. However, the way forward is certainly on basis of understanding the changing patterns in customer behaviour and the ability to adapt and thrive with elegance.

  3. Exploring Staycation and its Facets

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    Staycation has gained reasonable traction globally since about half a decade. Most accepted definition of it is – ‘an experience where families stay in a hotel at a driveable distance from home and partake in fun activities or just relax and enjoy being pampered’. It is also called ‘Holistay’. In a post COVID-19 scenario, we can expect that, the travel bug phenomenon might take a back seat. To fill that gap, potential customers and travellers would come out of their confinement, opt for a day or two at a luxury hotel to enjoy the Anatara Experience or even hotels amongst the Msheireb Downtown hotels in Qatar such as M Gallery, which depicts a lot of Qatar heritage at every step you take in the hotel. Few new hotels are considering ‘leisure time consumptianment’ spots to the extent of building a theme park concept around the hotel.
    As business picks up worldwide, travel for business is going to gain traction but with a twist. The term ‘Bizcation’ might be a new in trend as adding the leisure factor to a business travel or trip has been a practice from before. The Bleisure Travel – a business and pleasure experience can be the trump card up the sleeve for many hotels to expand their spectrum of services to customers as well as to expand their customer base. Even the corporates are likely to incentivise their employees through such a innovative move as well. Afterall, most people on a business trip usually like to check out the food and beverage spread or have a nice spa day, a relaxing swim in the pool or at the end of a long tiring business day, just to relax with the mini bar contents to keep one company as they browse the channels across the Hotel Television. Amongst the brands gaining traction worldwide in In-Room entertainment in hotels is the brand Roomnet – the Apple experts in Hospitality who enhance the experience of a customer interacting with a hotel TV, streaming their favourite content and giving a personalized experience. Say goodbye to classic television in hotels!
    Afterall, the quality of experience is what stays in our mind more than the price paid and with this principle in mind, hotels should innovate and invest in expanding the horizon of their offerings to guests and make them walking advertisements of their brands and experience! A new loyalty programme or added points perhaps?